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Società Agricola Bassanese Lino e Figli

Bassanese Vigneti

Our activity in the wine sector has started in 1980 with the viticulture of our own grapes, from the grape-growing to the production of the wine. Over the years, our company has strengthened, and, thanks to our 48 hectares of vineyard, has developed in the Italian and International markets, supplying different kinds of wine.

The passing of time together with a growing costumers’ demand, whose choice has turned out to be more sophisticated, have resulted in improved production system, in the development of new technologies in wine production and in the introduction of new equipment for still wines bottling. The Società Agricola Bassanese Lino e Figli is a family business, which supplies current and future costumers with premium quality wines at competitive prices. Our company is constantly creating and looking for new incentives to boost our sales.